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UAT vs ADSB Range

The other day I saw a light jet at 38,000ft broadcasting both UAT and ADSB. I saw the plane at least 30nm further out on ADSB. Should I get similar range on both or should I expect a shorter range on UAT? I have the FA Pro Plus stick (Blue) for ADSB and the FA Pro Stick (Orange) with the FA 978/1090 filter feeding the same RPI 3b. Both using the FA antennas with 25ft of cable, mounted side by side on my roof. Or do I have a setup issue? I don’t see a lot of UAT traffic so its hard to troubleshoot.

rtl_power scan using the 978 dongle (FA Orange + Filter)

rtl_power scan using the 1090 dongle (FA Blue)

The UAT transmitter power is usually less than the ADS-B one.

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