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Uat/adbs dual antenna

Hi all,

I got my pi setup with a small desktop antenna. I get probably 40nm range with it. This is with the blend FA USB stick.

I wantt to plan on a chimney mounted option to get it high. I found a combo antenna from adbsechange. Looks like I could use that, use an sma splitter and then use my blue stick plus an orange stick to get ads plus uat.


Anybody try this combo? It would cut down on antennas, wire, etc.

I would suggest a proper power splitter/combiner with decent isolation, not just a dumb splitter like you linked. The dongles are noisy and will interfere with each other without isolation.

I’m not gonna disagree with you, a proper splitter is better.

But it works remarkably well in quite a few installations i’ve seen.
I’d attribute it to the FA sticks being not that noisy because they have the LNA as the first component?
Just a guess.

Better splitters cost quite a few dollars …
1090 range of 200 nmi is no issue with this combo if the terrain isn’t in the way.

Depending on location and interference, placing the FA filter before the splitter can help if you’re having reduced reception due to interference.
As the filter isn’t too expensive, it’s a good thing to try if the reception isn’t as good as expected.

I saw this is available which can help filter out the garbage

So like this
dual- antenna >> 30-4ft cable >> stratus splitter


Splitter-1090out >> short sma patch cable >> blue fa dongle
Splitter-978out >> short sma cable >> orange fa dongle

Yeah, it has been a while since I did a comparison, the current prosticks may well work OK even without good isolation.

It’s easy enough to test for a particular install, swap one dongle out for a terminator and see what happens on the other dongle.

Updated. MY reply. Your quick !

That should work, though the insertion losses are pretty high.

You’d likely get better performance with the Y.
Again just a guess.
As the Y isn’t very expensive … you could always compare the two configurations.