ual 9855

why would ual9855 be on final approach to cos, and at 6600 feet altitude wich is almost on the runway, and then go back to FL340?? i have looked at the track before, I have never seen this on a flight of interest to me?

i know they have been flying 747-400’s up here on military charters from fort polk, la. they are going to land and disgorge troops then after that I dont know. get 400 or 500 feet off the deck with plane full of troops then abort landing then go all the way up to FL340?? and what is a MX flight?

I deleted my post by mistake… MX= maintinence, but since it originated in AEX I doubt that is the case now. I think it’s safe to say he’s on the ground as opposed to FL340. In one minute, unless this guy is very specially equipped, and stressed, I find it hard to beleive a 74 is going to get from 6600 to FL340.

that is exactly what i am talking about. even if they had a missed approach atc wouldnt send them up to 34,000 to try another approach?

It’s actually quite common, it’s called an emergency blow…shoots them right up to whatever FL they were cruising at.

LMAO yea you would think a 747 looks similar to a SUBMARINE, yea that was hella funny 8) 8) 8)

Right, which is why I’m taking a stab at the guess that it might just be an error. :wink:

10-4 i hadnt been doing much of the tracking part and that was a weird one. so thanks for the info.

I got another one for you. GE is making afterburning turbojets for commercail aviation, now being flown on united 747-400’s even in afterburner still wont go over 500 knots. how was that one :unamused:6600 to 34,000 in one minute flat. i get it, and i am done with this one, at least it isnt locked yet :smiley:

Two words… ratty data…

hey jim is that a FA problem or a FAA problem??

gamma rays

We’ve observed this problem with the position data from the FAA with many flights: after landing there are typically 1-5 positions being extrapolated from the last position with a reported altitude at cruise.

ok then i am on to the next subject, thanks for some pertinent information.