UA 747-400's to Tampa?


Anybody know what these United 747-400’s are doing in Tampa? I suspect it is something to do with Pemco since a colleague of mine reported seeing what he thought was “a United 747 parked at a maintenance hangar” (I haven’t been out the to the airport yet to verify).

Acars data shows that the two so far as N128UA and N121UA … /KORD/KTPA (N128UA) … /KORD/KTPA (N121UA)

Evidently, one of these returned today, presumably (but unconfirmed) N128UA: ? … /KTPA/KORD



Could be or they could be charters. United uses flights in the 9xxx series for charter, ferry, and maintenance flights.


That’s what I was thinking, with that flight number like that…


9943 is indeed N128UA.

I’m fairly sure they’re going down there for some sort of scheduled maintenance. There are no pax on board either way.


PEMCO just received the heavy maintenance contract for UA. What’s funny is that the 744 won’t even fit in their hanger here…


Hanger? A real mechanic don’t need no stinkin’ hanger!



And they don’t even need a stinkin’ hangar either!


wow…tough crowd in here huh. My apologies


It’s kind of like the guy who was on the mound to throw the first pitch to kick off a MLB season and he forgot to take a ball out with him. He yelled to the dugout for someone to toss him a ball and about 30 balls came flying at him. :smiley:


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Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who noticed the distinctive tail cone of the 744 poking out of the hanger.

Any idea how to determine scheduled departure dates for these beasts?


Watched one leave this past Sat. am around 0615 while our flight was being offloaded :wink:


Had one land over my head this afternoon about 1700. Was stuck in traffic without a camera =(


Yep, sitting on Hillsborough Ave in traffic yesterday and happened to look to the north and said, hey wait, that’s a 747 on short final coming right at me! Right over my head landing on 18R! Pretty fun. Thanks to the other posters who pointed out why they are coming into TPA. I didn’t think we had any new non-stops to Sydney :slight_smile:

Whenever we go to LA my wife and I always seem to find ourselves at a little park on Sepulveda and the Pacific Coast hwy watching the big boys coming in one after another. It’s cool to see one landing in my own town!


Is there a way to search Airport arrival/departures for types of Aircraft? That is to say, can we search KTPA for 744’s instead of having to wade through all the Arrivals or Departures?


Click on the “(more)” next to the arrivals or departures.
Click on “type” to sort. Click once will get it sorted one direction. Click again will sort the other direction.