UA 744 (N185UA) to Marana?

Surely they aren’t retiring this one just yet? … /PHKO/KMZJ

They’re doing the interior upgrades in Seoul, maybe it just needs a paintjob.

Could be a lease termination/capacity reduction. Some of UA’s 747-400’s are pretty early models that are nearly, if not, 20 years old. And at their utilization they’re going to be high time. There is one UA -400, N193UA, that at the end of this month has been parked at KGYR for a year. UA also mothballed most of their 737 fleet at KGYR. An acquaintance of mine is assisting with a start up airline in S. America. He was looking at several of UA’s retired 737’s and had a looksee at this 747-400…he said it was a tired old girl.

Lemme see if I can dig up one of my pics… ahh, he we go.