ex UAL 747 flight around MZJ N106UA


flightaware.com/live/flight/N106 … /KMZJ/KMZJ

Ex UAL a/c originally ordered by NWA

Assuming a test flight, probably getting ready to go back in service for some carrier.


Could still be going back to work for United. I saw the other day where British Airways is also taking a 744 out of the desert. They are adding a 744 to their DFW route and moving the existing 777 to New York. Business must be getting better out there.


N106UA has been in the desert for 7 years - it was a lease rejection during bankruptcy. It was painted up to go to an Iranian carrier but didn’t because of the embargo. It is now going to Phuket Air where it will be used for as-of-yet unknown purposes.


http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab20/bizjets101/N106UA.jpg photographed at Honolulu Intl in Oct 2009 en route to MZL Pinal Airpark AZ.

N106UA Blue Sky Airlines, subsidiary of Mahan Iran - as stated above due to the embargo - N106UA, N185UA, N192UA - were stored at PUS - Gimhae International Airport, Pusan, South Korea.