type P28A


Not all P28A’s are PA-28-140, suggest decoding this type as PA-28 Cherokee.

-Greg, operator of a PA-28-161 Warrior II which I always identify as a Cherokee


Got it. PA28A and PA28 now resolve to “PA-28 Cherokee” – thanks for the correction.


Checking today I notice it is cleaned up already, nice attention to detail. Similarly, I don’t think the P28B pilots would mind being id’d as PA-28 Cherokee Dakota.

I think traffic call outs would be more effective if everyone dropped the Archer/Arrow/Cruiser/Warrior/Dakota designations; the Cessna drivers just get confused :wink:

And by the way, thanks for this site. Commercial offerings were priced higher than it was worth for my friends and family to use to check on my progress. I’ll be sure to click through if you try to start some ad revenue going. I am assuming the current zero revenue model will not last forever…