Tying up Gulfstream Test Flights

Hi All,

This has been bugging me for a while, but does anybody know of a way to tie up the Gulfstream test flights, under GLF callsigns, to actual tail numbers?

I suspect not, but I’d be grateful if somebody can let me know if there is.


Most of the manufacturers assign call signs to pilots not to aircraft. You could sleuth some of it out, compare pictures with dates and places online to FA flights for example. I don’t know if ACARS data for those aircraft is readily available or not. Or you might find your second cousin has a friend of a friend who works at Gulfstream who could get you the data… 8)
Interesting idea though.

Thought so. Shame though, would have been interesting to see if they could have been worked out.

I’ll ask my family, but as I don’t even have any first cousins I suspect that will be a dead end as well :slight_smile: