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Two dump1090-fa instances running?

My Pi Zero based installation is above 50% cpu usage and I’m trying to redule the load.

I noticed that HTOP (not TOP) is reporting a second instance of dump1090-fa consuming about 15% extra (first instance consumes about 35%). Is this what is expected?

I’m feeding FA, FR24 and adsbexchange, with a single Prostick plus.

By default, htop shows threads as separate lines. You’re seeing that dump1090-fa has 2 threads running in the same process. You can change that in F2/Display Options/Hide userland process threads.

and yes, it’s normal. :slight_smile:


Recent updates increased CPU load, this might help:

See this thread: FYI New Pi Kernel causes dump1090-fa to run much harder

The default view of htop also shows for me three instances, however it is running only once. It is normal.

The high CPU usage comes from a different topic as wiedehopf mentioned