Two dead in OK Helicopter Crash

TAHLEQUAH, OK – Authorities are investigating a fatal helicopter crash near the Tahlequah airport Friday morning.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirms there was a crash and says two people in the helicopter were found dead at the scene.

OHP troopers found the wreckage on a private road.

Media reports say the two people in the helicopter were a 26-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, both of Tahlequah.

The crash scene is about 2 miles south and west of the Tahlequah airport.

Helicopter involved is N3234G a Robinson R22 Beta.

FAA Registry

I don’t like helicopter crashes, or any crash. But you have a better chance of coming out alive in a fixed wing aircraft, I think, I guess it just depends on the situation you are in…

This is weird. The FAA registry say the owner is Trevor Noble.

I googled his name and found this,

Same guy?

Yes, that would be him.

Different helicopter though, the blog says a total of 3 persons, I understand it was his two seater R22 Beta that went down.

yeah. but - it said the other crash was in Tennessee - not Oklahoma. The helicopter’s the wrong model and that article was written in 2007. I’m confused - there’s no way. 2 Trevor Nobles, both helicopter pilots, both flying Robinson’s, both the same age and both are killed 2 years apart in crashes? Am I missing something? Huh - I gotta re-read that.

yeah, that’s not right. Check the comments on that article - they’re all from '07. That has to be a different Trevor Noble - how ironic that he didn’t see that coming. WTF? That blows my mind. (posted above)

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says the pilot, 26-year-old Mark Mahaney, and his passenger, 20-year-old Darci Scraper, did not survive.

Trevor Noble died in November 2007 but the article from February 2007 mentions him wanting to buy a second chopper to expand his business. The accident helicopter of today shows a certificate date of July 2007 so must have just stayed in his name after he died. It also shows a co-owner of Terry Noble so maybe that was his wife trying to keep the business going? Man, that sucks.

Ironic . . .

Well the Helicopter was in his name, but it’s registered in Delaware, and has more than one owner.

I have not seen his name as a victim, only as owner.

So same guy, just registered in his name 2 years after his death. Still weird; a little more rational, but still a little odd and ironic. Watch out for those Robinson’s I guess. I’ve got a buddy that just received his helicopter license and I told him about my fears of rotor craft and he remarked that as long as it wasn’t a Robinson, you’re okay. Bad PR for them, but maybe my buddy’s right.

Here’s the story on Trevor Noble’s crash from November of 2007,

looks like they hit power lines.

This is I think his former company, … 6733.shtml

Incorporating in Delaware is common as it offers tax benefits and protections that other states don’t.

This could be the myspace page of the pilot who was killed today,

found on the page,

Sad about the accident, but excellent investigative skills!!

Nice work.

Your buddy’s new ticket is exponentially more dangerous than the Robinson product line.

And all general aviation planes are dangerous or crash all the time. Robinson is the number one producer of civil helicopters. They sell quite a few more R44’s in a year than Bell produced 206’s in the late 70s and early 80s. I believe Robinson sells more helicopters in the USA each year than all of the other manufacturers combined. Their population combined with the fact that they are the primary rotor trainer might lead to a mis-informed reputation for crashing often or being dangerous.

Two victims in the crash were;

Tahlequah - Funeral services were held Tuesday for a pilot who died in a helicopter crash in Creek County last week.

Twenty-six-year-old Mark Mahaney died when his helicopter crashed near Tahlequah. A passenger, 20-year-old Darci Scraper, also died in the crash.

Investigators say Mahaney took off from Mahaney’s home around four o’clock Wednesday morning and crashed about a mile south of there.

The wreckage wasn’t discovered until Friday morning.

Mahaney is the grandson of retired state Senator Herb Rozell.