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TV Station Helicopter Crashes Outside Houston, Killing 2

A TV station helicopter has crashed in a wooded area in Montgomery County, Texas, near Houston, killing both people aboard.

KTRK, an affiliate of ABC, reported Monday that a pilot and a photographer were on their way to a shooting scene in Montgomery County when the chopper crashed. Deputies on the scene confirmed their deaths to

The station showed video of pieces of the helicopter smashed against a tree in a forested area with part of the station’s logo visible on a piece of debris. The crash caused some trees to catch fire near the crash site.

A spokesman for KTRK did not return a call from The Associated Press.

The aircraft went down in an area near Peoples Road and Pine Acres Road in the W.G. Jones State Forest, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The helicopter, manufactured in 1993, is described as a Bell Long-Ranger, reported. KTRK-TV told the station that the helicopter and its crew were not directly owned or operated by them.


The aircraft in question was based in the same hangar I fly out of at KHOU. Very nice guys – they were always out there with their chopper or our flying. Also, they regularly flies by the FlightAware office.

I uploaded a few pictures of the aircraft from a few months ago.


What a darn shame…really darn shame