Cessna 180 Crash Near IAH...


The single-engine Cessna 180 crashed around 2pm in Humble near Old Humble Road. The plane crashed with such force that residents say they felt the ground beneath them shake.

At least the news anchor said CeSSna, usually they say it like CeZZna… :unamused:

Here is the flight in question


Investigators say the pilot ran out of fuel while heading to nearby Bush Intercontinental Airport from Odessa, Texas. Instead,he tried to land his plane in a field southeast of the Humble neighborhood, but didn’t make it.

As for the pilot, he survived and was able to climb out of the wreckage. The maintenance man who works at the apartment complex across helped him

No. Here’s the specific flight in question: flightaware.com/live/flight/N154 … /KODO/KIAH


poor plane


Those witnesses were right out of central casting.

Houston… :unamused:

What a waste of a good airplane.

Humble ain’t Houston!

Close enough…
About 8 years ago we would drive down the road and meet a car and we would wave and they would wave back. Now they built houses ever 1/4 acre around here, and it’s all of the Houston people who think they’re in the “country!” Either that it’s a bunch of damn yanks from up north…
I’m afraid it’s all the same within 75 miles of H-town… :unamused:



The texans talk about texas (themselves) and us pilots lament the poor plane ruined by a texan :confused:

NTSB report should read probable cause: texan at the controls.