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OCT 23 2019 at 3.20pm Deadly Helicopter Crash in Red Rock, Las Vegas

I am looking for some information regarding the type of Helicopter that Crashed in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas. Red Rock is a well known beautiful tourist spot…!!

The Helicopter Crashed at or around 3.20pm on Oct23 19 (day before yesterday ,Wed). The news came out bit later, not a single news paper or the trooper identified the Helicopter by Tail #, not during accident or after 2nd day, as of this writing, no report anywhere that shows the Tail tag?..

Well, we know what the fake news are capable about, but even a Trooper can easily see or find a tail tag never mentioned in interview.

The Pilot is Dead and along with Pilot there was one passenger, in serious condition in UNLV hospital, Las Vegas.

is there anyone here know about the helicopter, it is R44, Robinson type, without having the tail no, I can’t say much, as it will simply be speculative. I know which helicopter is involved from their routine every day rogue behaviors but need to confirm the tail no. If anyone knows or can find out, or let me a way to find out, would be much appreciated.

news link:

Here ya go. N225JM

Thank you “mtindor”…!
Two Helicopter in two different state with same registration???

Take a look at this, N225JW, a Raytheon Helicopter registered to virginia based co?..
Zip Code
That link you posted seems to be brand new, I have been watching this N225JW since 2015, never seen the Binner ownership before??.. Strange!.

Say what? I said N225JM - not N225JW.

N225JW is Beechcraft Bonanza general aircraft (single engine plane).

N225JM is a Robinson R44 Raven 2 helicopter

The company that N225JM is registered to is Binner Enterprises, which among other things offers flight training according to the owner’s LinkedIn page. According to Kathryn’s Report article, he was not the pilot though.


Thats right, Binner is the owner who operates three other companies and he was on the board of TMT aviation??..all shady, shoddy and corrupt companies, private contracted to various agencies!!.. Guess what?: The N225JM Deadly Crash is supposed to be a Mystery?..they say cause is unknown?, the prelim investigation of FAA or NTSB, whoever was on ground, made some remarks about fueling and some sediment bla bla bla, but no known cause for the crash??>… Really?.

Any sane person would look at the flight history of N225JM, that means the investigators must be the first to look into history of this company and this flight, lots can be learned from its Ops!!