Two Close Stations - mlat



Browsing some posts I noticed ideally mlat receivers should be between 10-150Km apart.

I have two PiAawres operating in my home, one not intended to run 24/7 but currently is.

Are they both OK to be set for receiving mlat or should one be disabled?



I use 2-3 different setups all with mlat, never had an issue
depending on the antenna different ‘syncs’ are shown, with
most related to the better / more sensitive antenna.


I run 2 receivers from time to time. The only glitch I noticed is that when you disable MLAT on one of them, the FA page still shows MLAT active for that receiver.

My guess is that since they both have the exact same coordinates, it confuses the MLAT ‘robot’.:grin:

Are you using the same feeder-id for both? I think I tried that once, just to see, and it did not work.


I have a FA client that i no longer use, any idea how i can get it removed from my account?


It’ll be dropped automatically from your ‘My ADS-B’, and from the ‘Nearby Sites’ listings, after 30 days of inactivity.

The feeder-id will still be available, if you decide to re-use it later.


Apologies for late reply, yes, same account. Two stations show on one account.

Seems to have resolved itself now.