Two antenna, one dongle/Raspberry Pi?

Surely someone knows the answer to my question. Can you connect two antenna with maybe a splitter into one dongle? I was thinking of placing one in front and one in rear of house for more coverage. If not, I guess I better go find the link to the thread on two RaspPi on one account.

I was wondering something similar. I’d like to add a Yagi-Uda directional to my existing ebaySpider Groundplane to pick up ground traffic at my local. What would be the process of combining two antenni? Is there an issue with multipath?

It is possible, that’s how conventional collinear antennas work. Really you should have identical antennas and identical length feed lines back to T splitter. To have much hope thought dimensions have to be exact to the mm, if its even slightly off the signals will cancel each other out.

There’s some useful info on the subject here

The phasing effects potentially make your antenna pair somewhat directional (you’re unintentionally building a phased array)

You will probably get better results with two separate receivers for various other reasons: shorter feed lines, fewer colliding messages to deal with.

Thanks for the replies. I learned something new today about antennae and phasing. :slight_smile: