Combining Antennas


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Right now I have one 5dBi Flight Aware antenna in my attic feeding to a Pi 3 Running PiAware with the Filtered (Blue) FA dongle. Range in good in most areas, but I was curious about improving the setup and performance of my main receiver. The current antenna is connected to a vertical wood 2x4 in the attic, so there are some areas of poor reception.

If I connect an antenna within about 2 feet, tied in with two jumpers of the same type (cable and length) to a splitter, would I see interference and actually degrade performance of the receiver?

Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I am just looking at improving performance at this one receiver.


simply does not work …


…unless two antennas are connected through an accurately made phasing harness, which is tricky and requires costly test equipment and tech know how. Not a DIY goody.


No it will not work…

Regards Lino…


Thanks everyone, I had that thought with the separation being over a wavelength that the different times of arrival could cancel out some messages and degrade performance. Wasn’t sure what the real world experience in this might be though. Thanks for the replies!


Antennas can be combined using a phasing harness, provided these are in the same vertical line.

Keeping antennas vertically one above the other in same line ensures that electromagnetic waves striking each antenna have always same phase angle irrespective of their orientation/direction.

Phasing Harness


the most simple and effective solution is another receiver with a LNA and a directional antenna.
Example of a cheap solution: