TV Roof Antena


Apologies if this is well covered ground (I’ve looked). I have a roof TV antenna similar to the following:

I have my DVB-T receiver hooked up to it via aprox. 10 feet of coax. It works pretty well. I am thinking about buying the FlightAware antenna on Amazon that is mentioned on these boards. However, I will not be able to install it outdoors. The best I can do is indoors, in the highest part of my house (attic). I understand that there are 1000 variables, and no one can answer my questions fully without ALL of the facts, but, generally speaking, am I better of with the proper antenna, even though I can not place it in as optimal a position as the improper antenna?



Why can’t you mount it at the same location as your roof antenna? You would definitely benefit from having a non-directional antenna which is also tuned to the right frequency as well has having it outdoors. You could even use the the same feed line by using Satellite Diplexers at both ends of the cable.



I’d attach it to the mast of the TV antenna, the ideal place would be right at the top where the mast ends - but to do that you might need to take the mast down, to do the job and re-aligning the TV antenna could be a PITA.

What you do instead is get a short length of tube (might need to be ‘L’ shaped), fix it to the main mast (using a clamp like this - source it locally) to provide an alternate mount point offset from the main mast by maybe 12"-18" and at such a level that the two antennas don’t physically clash.

Tape or cable tie your downlead to the mast - make it look professional (no sharp bends though)


My ADSB antenna is on top of my UHF/VHF antenna that looks like that pic. Works great. I did buy a piece of LMR400 from what I recall when I put it up.


Generally speaking, yes you’re better off with an antenna tuned to the frequency you want.

As others mentioned, if you can attach it to the existing mast that would be great. Were I in your shoes, I’d attach the FA antenna to the top of your existing mast, then use a diplexer on the mast to combine the TV and ADS-B signals to use the same cable (existing feedline) into your house, with another diplexer in your house just before wherever the feedline terminates to separate the respective signals.


Thank you for all of the information. I ordered the FA antenna on Amazon. Initially, I will have to place it inside, but I will look to mount it to the TV antenna at some point. Thanks again.