Tupelo gets 744 service


flightaware.com/live/flight/ANA9 … /PANC/KTUP

Weight bearing capacity:
Single wheel: 90.0
Double wheel: 135.0
Double tandem: 150.0


So that says it can support 150000 pounds on a double tandem axle? So an empty weight of ~400000 pounds, there’s bound to be an issue… yes?


I’ve seen overweight landings before, usually with the approval of the airport’s engineering department. The published numbers take into account possible day in-day out pavement pounding while heavier one time approvals may be approved as needed. I don’t know anything about Tupelo, can’t say why ANA is going there. Watching the track here on FA they looked light departing Anchorage, climbing straight to FL 410. You are right in your question, there have been embarrassing incidents with overweight operations.


Mystery solved…


They are taking it apart…

google “747 lands in tupelo” and you’ll see pictures of a JAL 747 landing a two years back.


Ordinarily I would think this would be error or typo in the airport code, but the track is indeed inbound to Tupelo. Would be interested to know why?


ANA 744 from 16 months ago:

djournal.com/pages/full_story/pu … d=14921678

JAL 744 from 21 months ago:

wn.com/747_lands_at_tupelo_regio … ississippi

If you go to the website they have the parts lists available for 744 and 340’s…


Thanks muchly for that!!!


yeah, but you don’t double the limit because the footprints overlap to some degree, note the difference between double wheel and double tandem.
At any rate the dis-assembly makes sense, I also thought of the auto plant that was recently built.


I wonder if the aircraft was stripped of anything (seats, galleys, whatever ANA could recycle themselves) to make it even lighter to be able to land at TUP?


Probably but more likely the reason would be to put the parts back into their spares rotation. Lighter weight would be a bonus.


If you take a look at a couple of the links I included there were interior shots of the JAL 744 that landed in 2011. From what few shots were there, interior was included…