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Trying to update to PiAware 3.7.1 but "Device Commands" unavailable

I received the ADS-B Network News email yesterday, and it advised to update our software 3.7.1, and it includes instructions on how to install this update.

When I try to find the drop down menu to the right of Device Commands, to select ‘Upgrade and Restart PiAware’, in place of this I am seeing Sending commands to your device is not available because the feature is disabled locally on your device.

I have a Flight Feeder supplied by FlightAware, does this mean I do not have to worry about organizing updates etc? Has this been taken care for me? Or do I need to carry out this update some other way?

Thanks for your time.

For Beginners - How to Enable Sending Remote Commands to Pi from Stats Page


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That’s all good for people who are running PiAware, but I am running a Flight Feeder device supplied by FlightAware, so I dont believe I am able to login to the Pi device… Or if I can, I have never seen any instructions to do so in the supplied information.

FlightFeeders are remotely managed by FlightAware. The FlightFeeder release that includes PiAware 3.7.1 is still in testing; once it’s complete we’ll automatically push out an update, you don’t need to do anything.


Fantastic, that’s what I was hoping to confirm. I did not see that mentioned in the most recent email newsletter so just wanted to check.


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Thanks for the question and answer guys. I was looking for the same myself, and we are probably not the only ones…

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I have upgraded both, dump1090 and piaware to 3.7.1, last week and it seems to be working properly.

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Hi all! The same here. Confused with the email. Thank for the answer, obj.