Trying to find an airplane book.


I don’t even know where to post something like this, but given the topics in the forum, I’d figure this would be the place.

Anyhow, first post!

When I was younger, my dad bought me this little binder that had pages for adding other aircraft in them. The package was a starter binder and like, three 15 page packs of “expansion pages” of different airplanes.

It was based on a monthly subscription model if I remember correctly. Every month, they would send you an additional 15 or so pages to add to the binder and it spanned several categories (e.g. X-Planes / Bi-planes, etc).

I cannot for the life of me, remember what the name of this binder of aircrafts was called, I lost it when I moved and would love to find it again.

Would anyone know what it is? It’s not exactly a “book” per se, but an expandable aircraft encyclopedia of sorts.

Any information would be super awesome, I’d love to get my hands on this thing again.



About that book you mentioned, have you searched
ebay? Is your father still alive? you could ask him if he remembers the name of the book or author. has anyone in your family seen you with the book maybe an aunt or Uncle? Mother , sister, brother? Is there a picture of you
with this book? maybe if there is you might can see the
title of it. just a thought.


Aircraft of the World - The Complete Guide

Something on Ebay right now: … &hlp=false

I have one - it has 16 chapters and the contents w/o the binder is 1 3/4" - the one in the ad above say’s 3" - mine is also 3" but that is the spine of binder/D rings. If you are interested, PM me. Good luck.