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Tracking trauma helicopter

there are some helicopters from the netherlands to Germany
that bring corona patients to bigger hospitals in Germany since we are at our capacity
in the Netherlands… now i just witnessed a heli LIFELN5 landing near us close to the hospital.
again to bring the patient to Germany… my question is
it does show up on my piaware system, but not on the flightaware website…
is there something wrong with my setup? also i want to track LIFELN5 but it says no data…
hope to hear from u.
and Germany thank you for your tremendous help…

FA is blocking several types of aircraft, e.g. all military flights
Your local setup does not have this limiatation

It should show up on adsbexchange.com if someone in the area is feeding adsbx with their receiver in addition to feeding data to FA.

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ah ok that makes sense.
would be great if u can track a plane option when its near u in the pi at location. … anyway thanks for clearing that up :ok_hand:

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