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Tracking private aircraft, advice?

Hi there -

I’m trying to research data relating to private jets flying between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi - it’s for a news story I’m working on (I’m a journalist).

Can anyone offer how to research historical data - for the past 2 years ideally - on this?


Direct, non-stop flights…none. Nobody in the Middle East except Egypt and Jordan allow overflights or landings of aircraft originating in or going to Israel.
On the other hand aircraft making a quick stop in either Larnaca or Cairo (or anywhere in Egypt) or Amman can do it. Of course 4X registered aircraft can’t get permission to overfly in any case.

Thanks for the info.

The story originated from here: haaretz.com/news/middle-east/1.629457

I’m trying to build on it - Haaretz said there is a flight operating between Tel Aviv & a Gulf State - I understand it to be the UAE.

But from what you’ve said it would have to operate via Cyprus or Egypt?

Without permission from every country it overflies, yes it would have to make a stop. It is possible that somebody with some BIG ties could get permission but it would be denied publically. I think it would be easier to make a landing in Amman or Sharm el Sheik, for example, and depart right away.