Searching for Tracked Flights

I see for many flights you can report the planned route with detailed waypoints. In the local enthusiasts group I belong to we have a lot of overflights passing over Southampton (SAM), England.

Is there any way of getting a list of all flights that are due to pass SAM in a specified period? I assume that information exists in your database and it’s more of a reporting issue. This would be massively useful to us. I don’t mind formatting raw data if that’s all that could be provided.

Nick / BAEG OTT (over the top) Group

PS: keep up the good work!

Hi all,

I see I have no replies to my first post. Is this because I posted in the wrong place or an inappropriate topic? Apologies if so.

Is there anywhere else you can direct me to re; my query?


Sure, please contact customer service about purchasing a custom report.