Tracking by Aircraft Type / Suggestion

When searching for all tracking data by a certain aircraft type, the results are limited only to aircraft currently in the air.

Would it be possible to add planned flights to this screen as well?

If you search on rare types (i.e. A388, 747SP, DC86, B722) you get very few hits. But it would help to know planned flights to arrange for some spotting in advance.

The live tracking pages are for flights happening right now.

For advance notice of flights by rare aircraft types, I’d recommend setting up an alert for the aircraft type. Contact us if you need any help setting up the alert.

I’ve already got my maximum number of alerts set up, and they’re now working very well. But there is that limit of 5 alerts.

I could easily use 20-30! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I knew that was coming next. :slight_smile: