Track smoothing gone; inland waters dark

Hey, I noticed a couple of map drawing changes of which I’m not a huge fan.

  1. Flight tracks are no longer smoothed, but consist of straight segments. This might seem to be purely aesthetic, until you are looking at a map that contains many crisscrossing tracks from a large number of aircraft. The unsmoothed lines make it harder to pick out individual tracks amongst a rat’s nest of jagged lines. (Not so much a rat’s nest really… looks like someone dropped a box of uncooked blue spaghetti.)

  2. The blue of inland waterways have a bit too much contrast with the lighter blue of their surrounding landmass. Since flight plan and flight tracks are also blue, it starts to look like a close-up of Marge Simpson’s hairdo. Having the tiny irrelevant creeks be nearly the same color as the land would clean up the map and make it a lot more readable.

Why the changes? The maps looked great before.

Smoothing will be back soon.