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Tower conversation

Why can’t I receive both parts of the conversation between the tower and the planes. I can only receive the plane transmission and not the tower.

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The antenna is installed low (on the ground), gets hidden by the horizon for you really quick.
Plus is on a different frequency.

I live three miles from my local airport, and I can hear both the aircraft and the controllers. Not sure who you are trying to listen to, but airport transmitters are “usually” not far above the ground. If you are trying to listen to approach control or center frequencies, sometimes they are located on higher terrain for better coverage, but the same “line of sight” issues noted above will still apply.

If you want to listen to the tower broadcasts, you might be able to find the one you are interested in on somewhere like liveATC.net. If you are in the UK, then you are likely out of luck on that front as it’s not legal to rebroadcast ATC transmissions.

…move house so that you’re closer to the tower! :smiley:

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