atc communications

why can’t i hear the kchs faccility talk? I can hear the a/c just fine. I live about a mile from the airport.

That is an interesting question. My initial thought would be line of site comms. sometimes that’s an issue its an airforce base so they may be using UHF military freqs. You’re so close to the airport and charlotte is not that mountainous…I’m leaning towards line of site. Can you elevate your antennae? Can you hear them when you are right at the airport? Dunno. Do you know where their antennae array is located?

It’s Charleston, and its mostly flat, flat, flat. So, line of sight to the tower’s transmitter location is what the problem is. The transmitters may not be located at the tower’s location.

I bet you could hear everything from the top of the Cooper River Bridge…

YEP! I looked the identifier up on Airnav and misread the city name.

Pthomas and I concur…he’s obviously much more savvy regarding the area geography than I though. :smiley: