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Tool to create databases for FA SkyView use available

While creating some additions to SkyView I found it hard to create data items manually…
Over time some code came together and is now available as source code and as batch program for Windows at Github.

It uses mostly publicly available sources (Links are included).

It can create new aircraft & aircraft type databases for use in SkyView (db folder content)
You also may add your own aircraft records for planes you find missing and I don’t know a data source which is legit, updated and free to use for this purpose (and the FA provided one is a bit outdated…). Aircraft types is as actual as the ICAO site (Jul-2019)

It also creates regional geo marker files for airports and navaids (where you define center and range for coverage). Flight information (quality of this source is so,so).
Airways and Fixes are possible but needs 3 input data files which I cannot provide here (XPlane 11 flight sim… $ - may be you own it already then you may use it for this purpose) as I did not find any source for such data online and free to use.

You may find a guide in the doc folder
and then get an executable here:

Primary intent is to support my instrument view extension but you may use it for whatever purpose you can think of…
If anybody wants to port it to a more platform independent tool (Node.JS, Java) - just feel free to do it.

And if you know better sources - let me know, adding them to the tool should be mostly possible if I get an example.



Tried to follow the directions in the doc.
I get

‘dump1090-dbTool’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Which looks to be correct.

C:\Users\mikky\dump-dbTool-master>ls -l dump1090-dbTool
total 30
-rwx------+ 1 mikky mikky 180 Aug 17 15:15 App.config
-rwx------+ 1 mikky mikky 20396 Aug 17 15:15 Program.cs
drwx------+ 1 mikky mikky 0 Aug 17 15:15 Properties
-rwx------+ 1 mikky mikky 4827 Aug 17 15:15 dump1090-dbTool.csproj
-rwx------+ 1 mikky mikky 152 Aug 17 15:15 packages.config

You may want to get the Zipped executable package in Releases:

Then find Assets and there is the Zip file with the compiled exe file otherwise you need to compile it first as the exe is usually not uploaded to Git. Zip as below goes into any folder with subdirs as shown.


So essentially you need the Files in the release Zip and the folder example-data to start with.

I may update the doc where to find the executable file.