Thunderbird Ejection


Forgive me for any ignorance, but has anybody seen and reports on why the T - Bird pilot had to eject a year or so ago?
Thanks ahead of time for any info


im pretty sure it’s because his loop was too small and he was going to go into the ground with the plane if he didnt eject. the plane wasnt going to make the full loop without hitting the ground


You mean a T - Bird pilot SCREWED UP???


I think i remember reading somewhere that he had his altimeter set wrong.

A quick search with Google revealed this site which describes the incident in great detail.


I’ll back that up. During the vertical he went to his altitude (so he thought) pulled and found he was closer to the ground then he thought.

Unfortunately he based his safety calculations on an incorrect field altitude, and was unable to safely end the maneuver

It was their first show of the year wasn’t it?


It was their first show of the year wasn’t it?

No, that was in Sept of '03, towards the end of the season