Thunderbird Crash! This is a bit old and you may have seen.


Ok the following like is an exterior view of the crash. It happend in February.


This was pretty amazing. I did get one picture of this posted on, but the other 2 of the crash I submitted were not great quality (photo or scan) so they didn’t make it.

Everyone was very relieved when the announcer said the pilot was up and walking around. Even though we saw the ejection, you never know what can happen.

There is an amazing picture, along with some others (some fake obviously) at: … _ooops.htm

very bottom of the page.


Holy, some awesome pics on that site!!! Love AA overrotating!


I have seen some of the pictures shown at 99express (and more) at:
(turn down your speakers when clicking on the link above as there is an annoying wave file that plays when you access it)
Still, there were a few at 99express that I hadn’t seen. Love the twin in the “chop-shop”! I also enjoyed the T-Bird action as well - hadn’t seen that either.