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Three Reds on MyADSB page

I had a power supply problem, that, to cut a long story made me reload PiAware from scratch.
I followed the set up instructions and the receiver works, it reports aircraft but the three reds:PiAware, FlightAware and MLAT have not gone green after a day or so.
my Pi should be connected via wifi, I need to get the ethernet sorted out.

Have you reclaimed your feeder-id?

piaware-config feeder-id <your-feeder-id>
sudo systemctl restart piaware

Thanks very much for your help, unfortunately I’m unable to make any progress with your suggestion, I guess that I must be doing something that is basically wrong.
The error message I get is

piaware-config feeder-id Bla bla bla
warning: /etc/piaware.conf: failed to read config file: couldn’t open “/etc/piaware.conf”: permission denied
Set feeder-id to Bla Bla Bla in /etc/piaware.conf:1
could not write new config files: couldn’t open “/etc/piaware.conf”: permission denied

(Bla Bla Bla being a substitute for my unique identifier.)

sudo piaware-config feeder-id <your-feeder-id>
sudo systemctl restart piaware

Try like this.

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That’s done the trick.

Thanks everyone for your help