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The new forum - a brillant proof of the Peter Principle

things like this happen when flying high without oxygen onboard. congratulation whoever had this brillant idea!
my book recommendation for today: the peter principle https://www.amazon.com/Peter-Principle-Things-Always-Wrong/dp/0062092065/ref=la_B000AP9JUW_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1502924798&sr=1-1



I’ve seen other forums move this bloody awful software and just die a horrible death. I’ve tried to like it but it’s dreadful. This isn’t a knee jerk reaction to change, I genuinely have tried but I really don’t see the point.


keith … same with me :slight_smile: i think the ‘horrible death’ is the intention. now all the groundwork on the frontend is done for free by the tinkerers and their system is stable running and extremely easy/cheap to setup for anyone. they are not interested in few very good sites but in masses of mediocre ones as this is more redundant and they are less dependent on single sites and their owners. but this is just a company - over here in germany the government does the same with it’s population :joy:


Just had a quick look at the new forum and there are a few problems.

Some of the text in pale blue (signifies a link?) gives 404 errors or goes to a defaut page

[Code] doesn’t stand out anymore as it just looks like text.
The stickies by abcd567 are not sticky anymore. For example 3 easy DIY antennas for beginners http://discussions.flightaware.com/t/three-easy-diy-antennas-for-beginners/16348

I’ll persevere, maybe it will grow on me.


Gosh, is there only one forum migration where everybody is happy from day one ?? :rofl:
I’m helping on another forum (moderators have a few more things to learn) with discourse and yes, you have to take some time to get used to it but mostly everybody finds his way to follow. The latest button is nothing more then the old unread posts … except that now if you leave the page open and a new posts pops up, it’ll show on top.
For the others, the categories are still there though presented in another way … but it is still there.

For code just type your text and go back to the beginning of the line and tap 4 times space and there you go

For sure the admins will add some extra links on the top bar once all is stable and working, ex button to the stats etc … give them some time to get used to it (yeah even they have to)

And if you miss an item, just mention it as a suggestion to improve …

here is my suggestion to improve: go back to the old software. this layout here uses just 50% of the screen for the content, the user icons are nearly not differentiable and small etc. etc. it looks nice and modern - but is a big step backwards in usability despite i’m since long used to this discourse stuff.

it’s simply like with the democrats - quote from a great man and 1981-1989 president of the united states ‘the problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so’ :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIrMNEFJ23s&feature=youtu.be&t=11m21s


Nobody ever reverts back to previous versions when an update like this happens.

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It is a bit underwhelming so far.

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Trying to ignore the ignorant political speech posted in this thread… I’m not even sure if this is a thread.

On topic, this forum isn’t usable. I don’t think I’ll be posting further unless I absolutely must. It’s simply too hard to do anything. Hopefully I can look up old threads on the wayback machine.

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Besides the fact that the forum became horrid and without structure, now I notice that the “ignore” function is gone too…

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I had a whole load of links to very helpful posts on the old forum, where I’d made tweaks to the setups, added things, etc. Some were just really useful reference tools. None of them work now, they’re all broken links.

So I can only assume that means that if anyone has linked to another thread from within a post that those links are all broken now.

What a massive cockup this is.

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Do you have any examples of old permalinks that aren’t working? Our intention was to preserve as many permalinks as possible.

Ridiculous. If the god awful stats page update wasn’t enough, now this. Good luck. This was a fantastic forum.

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Dear Dev/Ops

I dont feel that the new format is bad, but sure it is so different it is causing frustration.
Needs some tutorials, as well as time to help change old habits and adjust to new style.
New one has some glitches and bugs and some facilities are missing (as usual with every new design). Hopefully these will be fixed in due course.

Something I noted which needs attention of Dev/Ops:
(1) In old format, after writing a post with images, links and code, I used to click “Preview” button, and see how the post will be actually displayed. Quiet often I used to edit the draft and “Preview” again before finally posting. I cannot find the “Preview” button now.

(2) Old posts, which have images displayed in-line by tag [ img ]image url[ /img ]. After transition to new format, some images are still in-line, but some images are not displayed, only the the image url is there.

I will post any more bugs or deficiencies when I note these.


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Hey abcd567

The preview is still available, it is the box on the right hand side, it might be hidden, check on the lower right-hand side and click image incase the preview box is hidden.

Pictures will be shown and format too. As you can see from this screen shot:

For old posts that aren’t showing the images can you please send the link, we actively working on fixing any images that were caught during the migration.



Hi Ben
Thanks for prompt reply. You are right, the preview is available as you have shown, but in desktop version only.

When I use my phone, it is not there. It was my mistake that I did not specifically mentioned “mobile” when posting.

This will require some time. A quick check of the following thread shows many images not being displayed:

Three Easy DIY Antennas for Beginners
Post #2 -SPIDER - two images out of six not displayed
Post#3 - CANTENNA - five images out of tweleve not displayed
Post #8 - QUICK SPIDER - three images out of nine not displayed


Linking for benefit of all, the short Tutorial/Help by Flightaware Staff beno56 posted in another thread:

… missing the shortcuts for: use more than 50% of screen for content, display an obvious structure, show all posts with broken picture links, link from user to his site, etc. etc. - and btw. who really has a passion in learning shortcuts for a user forum :)))))))))))))))))


The new format is not bad. Some aspects of it are better than old one. We will gradually get accustomed to it.

The problem is in the poor migration:
(1) A large number of images are not displayed, only their URL is there.
(2) Sticky threads are no more sticky.
(3) All links to posts are broken. When I click a link in a post to another post, this is what I get
Broken link to Flightaware posts