Does anyone know if this is Jim Carrey


Nope. N162JC isn’t Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey looks like this:

While N162JC isn’t even human - it’s an airplane:

Now, if the question asked was “Is this Jim Carrey’s plane?”, then the answer would be yes.

It regards to your answer about Jim Carrey…

It is a official, you are a putts!!!

Figures you would be the one post such a stupid reply… Man you must be really bored…

Ahem It’s putz. If I’ve learned one lesson from this forum, it’s this: If you’re looking to slam someone, it’s much more effective to use correct grammar and spelling. **

You are right. I should have checked my spelling. However, I would not call it slamming. You dont call his reply being utterly rude to the previous person who posted. For Gods sake everyone knows what he meant. Im sorry you are the only one that has not been made a fool of by Demi Moore…

You’re welcome.

BTW: David has poked fun at me in the past, but he hasn’t made a fool of me (yet!), primarily because one must allow him/herself to be made into a fool by saying or doing something that can be considered foolish. While I make mistakes from time to time, I am no fool. Calling someone a derogatory name is slamming in my book, but I’m sure he’s been called worse!! :smiling_imp:

What the funny part of this whole thing is that dami was 100% correct in his answer…

WOW!!! Thanks DamiRoss for making we feel so welcome on this new website. Really makes me want to make another post…

I hope you’re not so thin-skinned as to take this personally. He made a joke; maybe not a hilarious joke, but a joke nonetheless. He answered your question as well.
Learn to laugh at yourself, and the world becomes a much friendlier place. :smiley:

Just kiddin back…Not a prob.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. :smiley:

Alright! A promotion! (Even if it is misspelled.) My girlfriend’s shithead (aka ex-boyfriend) only calls me asswipe. Thank you, Julested, for the promotion!

Me? Sarcastic? Never!

Looks like Jim has blocked tracking of his aircraft.