The lines mean nothing......


I live in Moscow, Pa and I can tell that a major flight route passes nearly above my house (it seems that my little town is the place where all airliner traffic makes a sweeping left turn. It’s pretty cool in early evening to see the sun shine UP and glint off the bellies of the 'liners.

Sometimes they are in tandem pairs one after another.

I’d like to confirm this “left turn point” and try to use this FlightAware map:;key=a2dc031d8a726bf83bc8a7341bd55d522dbb4d98;keytime=1218232422;height=600;width=800;keyv2=312e220ebddb8ec7763e28f3ce9d08fe7f372d65

What the heck are all those ‘land’ lines supposed to mean??? Roads? It’s not county lines! What are they?

It’d be nice if FlightAware could superimpose onto Google Maps!


Major (and not so) roads.