The American Invasion at London Heathrow began today!

Today a number of Us Airlines began Service at London Heathrow.

If only the US would open their skies :frowning:

The USA has. Opening Heathrow to additional USA airlines is part of the open skies policy.


If you are talking about allowing foreign airlines to fly within the USA then you’ll be disappointed because this applies to airlines flying between the USA and Europe. It doesn’t apply to foreign airlines flying domestically in the USA.

Not long ago, I wrote an article in my blog “Aviation In Focus” on this subject. The title of the article is “At Last, Continental Flies to Heathrow”. Your comments are welcomed… … throw.html

That’s a nice blog. Now the big gun in New York gets into Heathrow. How many flights does CO have to Heathrow from EWR?

There are two daily flights in each direction.

I wrote an article on the subject in my blog: … throw.html

That’s really small. I am sure they don’t have slots to do more but 2 is not even a sliver of the NYC-HEATHROW route. Especially when you are the biggest carrier in NYC.

Given today’s bad economy and the mighty Euros, I think they have to beg people to fly to Europe, for business and for leisure alike.

I wrote an article on the subject in my blog: … throw.html

Last time I checked, they didn’t use Euros in the UK.

Also, there’s traffic the other way too, when the dollar is down, traveling to and within the US looks very attractive.

Last I checked the British pound was valueing at significantly higher a rate then the dollar.
I’d say not enough spring break students backpacking in Europe anymore.

True to that. Lots are coming over for an affordable vacation.