Thats Wierd!

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

Is this right?

Going by what it says, a Delta Airlines is using an MD-88 for their nonstop service from Dubia to Atlanta.If it is true that is pretty cool! 8)

Sorry but just had to ask.


…and an intermediate stop at the bottom of the ocean.

Nah, weird in-flight refueling!


I wonder if this is the same kind of thing thats happening with DAL7? I’m guessing they would fly a 777 ATL-Dubai… MD-88 going IAH-ATL does make much more sense, then changing planes for next segment. But someone’s dropping the ball on this one.

As I look again, the flight is going the other way lol…Dubai TO Atlanta. And flight 7 terminated at Atlanta up until April 7th…then they added the leg to Houston. On an MD-88. That has to be it

…the word is WEIRD. FYI

Our bug, smashed now.

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