TFR East of KPHX

This TFR is always showing on and I really don’t get it. I assume it’s for Sun Devil stadium, but the ring is huge! It states surface up to 3000’ AGL, but how does that apply laterally? If you notice, that stadium is so close to the flight path into runways 25L, 25R, and 26, how could you avoid it??

To use RunwayFinder, type in KPHX or PHX and zoom into the airport enough to see the TFR. It’s actually a nice little site.

If you read the text of the TFR, you find that there is an exemption for aircraft arriving or departing in a standard way on an ATC clearance…

That stupid NFL stadium TFR started at the beginning of the football season last year. I kept expecting it to go away, but it hasn’t. The really stupid part is that the graphic didn’t even line up with the stadium in some cities, like Seattle. I noticed today that the FAA isn’t even displaying the graphic for it anymore. I finally just changed the code to remove it. Don’t fly over any large gatherings. :wink:

Another handy feature of RunwayFinder is you can link directly to an airport like this: