TF-51 Mustang Instructional Landing from LiveLeak...


LiveLeak video of Crazy Horse II (N351DT) P-51 TF.
Sierra Sun Times Crazy Horse II flight story and slide show.
Stallion 51 Website


I would pay unfathomable amounts of money…


Pretty nice landing also!


How does a mere mortal man get to do something like that?




Lots of $$$$$$$!


The Collings Foundation just took delivery of a TP-51C and will be offering Instruction during tour stops with the Bombers.

Flight training in the TP-51C “Betty Jane” will be at most locations on the Wings of Freedom Tour starting in Dallas, TX. Flight training in the P-51 is $2200 for a half hour flight, and $3000 for a full hour. All participants will get the chance to feel what it was like to fly one of the most legendary fighters of WWII.