WARBIRDS in Manchester NH this wknd: 9/25-9/28

The Collings foundation warbirds are scheduled to be at KMHT this weekend. B-17 “909”, B-25 “Witchcraft” and the P-51 will visit…as usual, walkthroughs are offered, and hops are available for some outrageous amount. (I know, I know, this stuff costs real money…) :open_mouth:

Love it when the warbirds come. And the “Witchcraft” is a B-24.

Thanks for this info!! I would have never known. I am looking forward to going. If I don’t make it to KMHT, I may go down to KORH. The Wings of Freedom website has a complete schedule. They are making many stops in the Northeast. http://www.collingsfoundation.org/cf_schedule-wof.htm

I almost mowed down the Mustang crossing the shoreline for Pease last Friday. He reported 1000’ along the coast and I was 1600’ on the ILS. I spotted him a couple hundred below my left wing and VERY close at the last second. I would have been pissed but hey… it’s P-51C-! 8) He wins. :smiley:

Anyone gonna ride in one of them birds, if you have the money? Are rides still in the $400 to $500 range?