Test Hops




I think its interesting to see these empty buzzards just flying around


Strange… Why would continental be wasting their fuel on that???


These are more than likely maintenance flights.


They can’t just siphon fuel???


There’s probably some maintenance items that after they are done you need a test flight to make sure it’s working right.


Did Continental bring this out of the bone yard? It’s aircraft N23661

It’s flying from GYR to HOU as COA9990.


I don’t see that flight now but CO sold that bird to Transaero.

They might getting it ready for delivery to them.


Where do you see that? :confused:


There are other operations at GYR other than a “boneyard”.

There’s lots of contracted heavy maintenance and aircraft painting going on there.




Try using the permalink: flightaware.com/live/flight/COA9 … /KGYR/KHOU


Interesting… That one did come off of the storage line at GYR.


Another one:


due out at 11am, Aircraft N33292

then a revenue flight as COA1672


Is this the flight you are talking about? flightaware.com/live/flight/COA9 … /KHOU/KHOU

Try putting in the permalink! It’s not really that much more work and it makes it easier for your readers to see which flight you are talking about.


no, thats not the 1 I am referring to. This 1 is a test hop from IAH to IAH. Due to depart at 11am. operating as COA9990

it’s flight plan is not yet in the system


Then be sure to give the permalink - I’m interested in seeing the flight and I imagine others are, too.

Do you work for Continental?


COA 9990


AC 663

HOU 1000
TST 1005 1010
HOU 1130


Permalink (i.e. permanent link to the flight in question): flightaware.com/live/flight/COA9 … /KHOU/KHOU


Wonder what they are working on and testing?

Are there mechanics at the airlines that are certified to test fly the planes?


John in Saudi