IFR Crop Dusting???

Any idea what this flight is:


Need the whole link.

Sorry about the truncated link - I hate it when that happens…

Here you go: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/LBQ920/history/20090128/0533Z/KIAD/KROA

Got it.

I love these. I think what happens is one TRACON (in this case Potomac) is stepping on another with an erroneous tracking identification. I recall one from a couple of years ago when a C172 looked like it made several dozen trans-continental passes during what was supposed to be a 200-mile flight.

Either that or a tear in the Matrix. Or aliens.


Here’s a C-130 that went from Guam to Hawaii by way of west Africa.

This happens occasionally when there are two aircraft operating with the same identification.

That’s actually an issue with the map server when the flight crosses 180 degrees longitude.

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