Terminal Codes

lost the thread to this - remind me how to use **terminal ****codes **instead of specific airfield locators, am I right they dont work with view airport activity??


Terminal area codes only work in the Flight Finder and IFR Route Analysis. A list of the codes we support (official + some we’ve created for convenience) can be found here.

Ah yes thx for the reply…
The IFR analysis is useful particularly the itemised list showing origin/destination;find the **flight ****finder **is better for my needs (not so interested in FPL route info) and wonder if that could be tweaked to also show city pairings within this overall terminal area search tool?
Getting lazy in not clicking on individual flights :wink:

The flight finder page was written before we supported terminal codes, so at the time there wasn’t a reason to show orgin and destination. I’ll ping the web guys, it sounds like a pretty easy change.

Hi, ** IanNic64**. Per your request, the Flight Finder pages now display airport origin/destination codes for every flight when your search includes a terminal area.

Thank you for that, Daniel. I find it very helpful.

And thanks from me for the change, a small but effective tweak!

Thx IanN (uk)

Would there be any possibility for another “small but effective tweak” re terminal code pages?

Could we use the terminal code for either the origin or destination airport and leave the second airport blank and, thereby, retrieve ALL flights en route from or to the terminal area (i.e., a wildcard search)?

This type of “tweak” isn’t relevant to a single airport since all that data is already right there on the Airport Activity page.