Entering 'center' codes, instead of airport codes


This is what I read:

FlightAware sometimes suggests that I use a metro area or terminal area for my searches rather than an airport code. What other cities or terminal areas can I use for areas with multiple airports? (Back To Top)

Please consult FlightAware’s list of terminal areas and feel free to use them when appropriate.

I tried ZNY and ZMA and so on, but I got this answer:

Unknown or Invalid Airport Code
Hint #1: Airport code must be a 3 or 4 digit ICAO (e.g., AUS/KAUS) or FAA (e.g., 3R9 or CA35) code.

Hint #2: IATA codes are not currently supported (i.e., Tokyo/Narita’s ICAO code is RJAA, not NRT or KNRT).

Is it possible to enter ‘center’ names or did I misunderstand Quote 1 ?


The center codes/metro areas are used on tools like the IFR Route Analysis and Flight Finder where aggregating the data is valuable.