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Temperature comparison, indoors vs outdoors

With the weather turning, I thought this was an interesting comparison. One of these is my internal tracker in the loft and the other one is on my mast, 10m above the ground.

The plot is for the last year so you can clearly see winter and summer.

I’ve drawn lines to indicate the overall low and high temperatures. Which do you think is the internal one, and which is the external one?

/edit - You can click the image for a larger version.

I bet that the hottest one (left) is indoors and the coldest one is outdoors (right).
I call that space above the house ceiling ATTIC. It gets super hot in the summer there and I have two louvered openings on sides of the house plus two rotating air vanes.
I keep my Pi in the garage, lower and less hot. But it still trigggers some alarms of hot CPU in hot summer days.

Bang on - Yes, the one on the left is in the loft and the one on the right is outside. We had one of our hottest summers last year and a very cold winter before that. I’m happy that they both kept on working all the way through them both without complaining. The Pi outside is clearly doing a very good job of keeping the box nice and warm, even when the temperature is below freezing.

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How did you measure the temperature?

I’ve got the ADS-B Receiver Project performance graphs added to a standard PiAware image. There are instructions in this ‘forum’ somewhere.

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Ah, I have that too, I forgot it’s there… thanks.