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Summer fun

Those are the warnings from the devices located in my unconditioned garage. My laser gun says 96F at their location and 125F at the tip of the roof.
Outside are 90F with 60% humidity.

Wow, toasty! My Pi is in my un-air conditioned garage, just inside the south-facing door. We have had outside temps in the mid 80s for several weeks, and my temp range has been 132-149 with an avg of 140, according to Graphs1090.

Mine is a Pi 3B+ with a couple of stick-on heat sinks and mounted in a Cana-Kit plastic case with the cover removed.

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For the Raspberry Pi systems, having it lay on the side so the pi can use convention cooling should drop the temps. Letting the heat rise toward the GPIO pins seems to provide better overall cooling. Using a small fan powered between pins 1 and 6 and over the CPU gives some nice cooling too.


Be careful with the double sided tape supplied on heatsinks.
I had a 3b+ that got to 85C each day for a month. The adhesive went soft and the copper heatsink sliding off the CPU and shorted out the Pi. (the Pi was mounted vertically trying to increase the convection).