My new remote setup


I’m setting up a new receiver that i’ll place in the attic at my mothers house.

It will be remotely operated and powered via POE.

Raspberry Pi 2 with Joes ADSB-receiver image
16 Gb usb stick for logging data
Prostick with filter
Tp-link POE splitter (hidden underneath the Pi)

I’ll put in a sma male-female pigtail between the prostick and the filter, the combination is a bit long for the box. :wink:

When done, the box will be sealed to IP67 standard (when i can separate the stick and filter to get a real seal for the antenna cable)

When i get the parts from China i’ll add a DS18B20 temperature sensor so i can remotely monitor the temp inside.

Antenna: … EBIDX%3AIT

About 10 meters of H155 low loss coax:


Just some data to share:

When I enclosed an RPi in a case, a dongle in its case and a POE converter, into an airtight enclosure about the same size as yours, sitting outside in the shade, ambient temperature of 75F, the typical CPU temperature was about 131F (55C). When I removed the RPi from its case, and the dongle from its case, the CPU dropped to about 120F (6C drop).

When I mounted this on a rooftop in partial sunlight, with ambient temps at 75F, the CPU temp jumped to nearly 140F (60C), so I added a vent like this to the box door:

It has been up on the flat roof at 55’ for several weeks now through some serious rain and hailstorms, wind, and sun, and hasn’t died yet. I’ve checked it a couple of times for water intrusion and found none. Note: It is only a vent, no airflow actually coming through the box. It just can ‘breathe’ now. Temperature stays about 57C lately in the middle of the day in sunlight.


Yes, i’ve been concerned about the temp inside the box. Now since i’ll mount it inside the attic instead of under the eaves i thought i’d just run it without the top cover on the box.



Been up and running for a while now. Had some problems with a corrupted Sd card after a power loss, ended up reinstalling the image. Besides that there has been no problems at all.

Completeted the setup with an Ds18b20 temp sensor to monitor the surrounding temperature in the attic, i also removed the cover and let the Pi run naked.


How are you graphing and/or logging the temp sensor readings?


Right now there’s no logging at all, i’ve just place a simple php file in the web servers directory, that reads the temperature value and writes it on the screen. I check the page a couple of times during the day.

I plan to run something like this in the future: … ogger.html


FWIW, I’ve got several temperature sensors on my Pi’s, both DS18B20’s and DHT22’s. My strategy is to use a C program to read the data from the sensor and log it to a text file, which in my case is on a samba mounted drive on a server Pi. I run a cron routine on the server to plot the data with gnuplot (asynchronously) and display the output on a webpage. Note that I tried the python plot routines and they took a long time and lots of CPU to run but gnuplot is very quick. Also the DS18b20’s are much easier to work with than the DHT’s because they are not so sensitive to timing and you can use a canned interface.


Is there a way to post photos on this message board without going through a third party server?

We are able to upload pictures directly to the “PHOTOS” section. If I upload my remote piaware setup photos there, will they be deleted just because they are not photos of an aircraft?


Sorry to say. But the antenna u use is a very bad one. I tried a lot of them in the mean time. The best so far is the 1.80m long one from my post elsewhere. A very good and short one is the original flightaware antenna. Please try, you don’t get disappointed.

Kind regards, Peter