Ted is Dead


Ted, part of UniTED is now gone. The airline was a low-fare airline within an airline designed to compete with low cost airlines. Most UA FF’s are most likely happy with this decision.


Thank the lord, the cabins in the Ted planes were disgusting, and half the time the loading system didn’t work properly. I hated that the only way i could get home to FL was on TED…aka the end of United


I read it earlier. Hello first class.


I only had the displeasure once of flying TED all I can say is “Bye”. People who would complain they were treated like cattle on WN should have taken a moment to fly a TED flightt…rude flight attendants, crammed into a smelly A320 because it has run nothing but IAD-MCO runs…yep serves UA right for trying to go into a low-fare war.