TBM 850

Can anyone tell me the MGLW of a TBM 850? Is is much different than a TBM 7?

Would that be an African or European TBM850? :laughing:

700 - 7,024 lb (3,186 kg)

850 - 7,024 lb (3,186 kg)

I wouldn’t think there would be a difference between a European or an African TBM8, but this is a US registered ac.

Are you suggesting that airplanes migrate? :smiley:

LauraB, watch this for an explanation of what’s going on here:

Monty Python Holy Grail Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? - YouTube)

Migratory or not, I would like to fly it. But then I would have to buy a smaller suitcase. decisions, decisions…

John in Saudi

P.S. For those wondering, the MTOW is 7394.