Cirrus stretches the SJ-50 'The Jet' fuselage . . .


FlightGlobal article

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That is NOT a good angle for that little thing.

It looks better in 1/6 scale on the post.


The “model” already LOOKS 1:6 scale!


30 feet seems like a lot. Of course, this means they are also giving up the concept of fitting one a standard t-hanger.


Ok, ok… I’m not sure but…

7 pax
1000lb payload 300 on full fuel!]
300 knots
1000 NM range (medium weight)
Climb Rate - 3,000 ft/min
Service Ceiling - 25,000 feet
$750,000-1.3 mil

Any reason to choose over a TBM 850 or similar? (Above specs are pre-extension… so probably worse now).

Climb rate is better…


The TBM is a lot better plane. More range, same speed, better economy. Except for the initial cost, there is no reason not to get a TBM.

No reason to chose the jet, except the jet stigma. Many of the rich are most likely more concerned with style and beauty than feasability.