Meridian climb rate......really.

Does anyone out there have any first hand experience on what a Piper Meridian will climb out at with full fuel? I currently fly a Piper Mirage and I know what it will do,not exactly what the specs show. Its a great airplane dont get me wrong. But the company I fly for have mentioned a possible upgrade. I would like to know if the Meridian would be a valid choice. The Piper Mirage is a fine plane. It just takes a long time to get to FL 250. If someone has flown one,let me know. Im really only interested in a gross weight climb if any knows.

Flown in a Meridian that pulled 1850FPM. HOWEVER, I have also been in a JetProp conversion that easily pulled 2500FPM on full tanks.

Does the meridian wing look like its designed for climbing or high altitude? :wink:

I know what the wing looks loke. Thatgs not what I asked. I also know what the wing on a Bumble Bee looks like too. He can climb, and fly at altitude. You would`nt think so. But he can

Gross weight of a Meridian, that’s like you sitting naked without any passengers and bags right ?

Not New Piper fans here eh?

But after reading a review and seeing the specs, the payload is borderline useless… I mean, I don’t see how this can sell unless the Olsen twins and friends get their license…

Besides the payload problem, i have a big problem with the major costs of spare parts, the huge maintenance bills, and when i manage to get into the pilot seat i bump my head every time i move.

Sorry, this is a no-brainer for me.

How tall are you?

I`m 5-11". I have no prob with the size. I fly a pa-46 now. Which is the same exact size as the meridian on the inside. I just was wondering how much better climb the turbine would have than my plane. I fly @fl 200 or higher most always and that is my only complaint with the Mirage is the time to the top.

I’m 6-00, i have prob with the size, it’s made for short people.

I understand you only wanted to know the climb rate.

I have heard nothing but good things from those that have done the JetProp conversion rather than bump up to the Meridian. Have you looked at that option?

That’s pretty good. Of course, nothing beats the 5000FPM Lancair Propjet… Well, if we exclude military planes.

How far can it full 1850? I would assume a drop off into the 1000-1200 by 20000 feet.

I have but the meridian has a much stronger wing than the mirage and a larger tail so I really dont like that idea. I think Piper had a reason for that.

Peeped the TBM 850?

Yeah,at the price tag…thats as far as I got! Would be great though

Peeped the TBM 850?


Whats your price range? Theres a TBM-700 on controller for 1.55 mil…

The company I fly for will only buy new aircraft. But that is a good price.The difference between a new mirage and meridian is about 700,000. So thats about all they want to go.On the other hand they dont want to go that unless the difference in the climb rate is enough to justify the price.

However, there are quite a few that are making the change to the JetProp rather than go get a Meridian.

Most of them are Europeans because the jetprop is MTOW of 1999kg and the meridian is above that, so you pay eurocontrol ifr fees but not with the jetprop

it’s a great single person plane if you fly alone with a bag and you are a short guy

How many hours per year?